Copy homework into planner. “SAWs, 11/13.”  — integrate, export, efficient, symbolic, domestic      6. Many immigrants have found it difficult to _____ into American culture. 7. California _____(s) almonds all over the world. 8. The President’s job concerns both foreign and _____ issues. 9. The lighting of candles and wearing of ribbons are _____ gestures. 10. LED lights are… Read More

Copy homework into planner. KBAR = nonfiction. Response = 1 paragraph summary. M, T, W. “SAWs, 11/6.” — consequence, undernourished, extract, modify, DNA. Each one used twice except DNA.           Go over Test #11. Intro: The CRAAP Test. Currency – Relevance – Authority – Accuracy – Purpose Purpose: What are the three (3) main purposes for a website? –Advocacy – to sway… Read More

Have a great 3-day weekend! Prep sheet for Test #11: KBAR CHART: ___/15 RBC Pills: ___/14  (7 for h/w + 7 for quiz) RBC Bus: ___/14    (7 for stamp + 7 for quiz) Vocabulary: 10/31:___/15  11/1:___/13 Mental Floss. Shmartiopolis was bragging to his friends that he was such an excellent darts player, he could… Read More

Friday is a day off, remember? So… Tomorrow’s Test: RBC (weather + reruns), Vocabulary Reruns, Husker Du, TMA. BRING YOUR RBC PACKET! You will need it for the test. “Vocabulary Review, 11/1.” (p) Most religions promise eternal _____ in something like Heaven. (1) A person who doesn’t like to ____ to the group is often looked at as an… Read More

“Vocabulary Review, 10/31.” If you can’t come up with the correct vocabulary word, fill in the blank with any word that makes sense in the sentence. Even though he may not be “book-smart” he has a lot of ____ about the world. Since I studied, I _____(ed) myself quite well on the test. The paper said that the business… Read More