Wednesday, 1/18: Clauses, Vocab, 120 Seconds!

“Clauses, 1/18.” (9p)
ONE INDEPENDENT clause: write I (simple).
ONE DEPENDENT clause: write D (fragment).
ONE OF EACH: write either I + D or D + I (complex).
TWO INDEPENDENT clauses: write I + I (compound).
(Tip: You should be able to tell just by scanning and looking for the sentence that is different.)

  1. The llama is a quadruped with a beak for eating and fins for swimming.
  2. I like turtles because they are cute.
  3. I sent the llama to the store before the party started.
  4. When we all finally got there.
  5. Across the street from his house was a teepee.
  6. You would like it if you were a bird.
  7. Herbie the llama ate some grass, and it gave him gas.
  8. He failed the test after he ignored the warning.
  9. So his mom spanked him.

  10. Bonus: When you improperly combine two independent clauses into one sentence, it is a mistake called a ______.


“Vocabulary, 1/18.”

(**Lepidoptera = moths and butterflies. Moths like to live in places that are dark and not opened very often, like old closets.)
1. _______   2. _______ 3. _______   4. _______   5._______ 6. What is she accusing him of being?_______
7. forgettable : iconic :: emotional : ________
8. She has high ______(ations). She wants to rule the world.
9. huge : diminutive :: inspiring : ______
10. The root of this word means “life.” _____
11. They tried to _______ the angry mob by telling them their concerns would be addressed.
12. Reading Shakespeare for the first time can be rather ______.


120 Seconds!