Monday, 1/23: Copy Homework, Debrief Test 19, Vladek

Late Start Schedule!

Copy homework into assignment book.

Interview with your Elders?!

“SAWs, 1/23.”
derogatory, stereotype, connotation, slur, stigmatize
red wiggum

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. The root of this root means “to brand.”  (As in with a hot iron.)  _____
  4. Dally was the ______ of a greaser, but Pony was not.
  5. For Pony, the word dropout had the ____ of a delinquent like Dally, and not somebody like Soda.
  6. complimentary : derogatory :: compliment : _____
  7. Sometimes _____ remarks can hurt as much as physical bullying.

Debrief Test #19.

White Sheet, p151. Compound Sentences.