Tuesday, 1/31: S/CD/CX, Vocab, 120Seconds, Vladek

“S/CD/CX, 1/31.”

  1. He didn’t want to embarrass the cat.  — Add an independent clause to make a COMPOUND sentence.
  2. I read the bulletin about llamas.  — Add a dependent clause to make a COMPLEX sentence.
  3. The goat went fishing.  — Add another subject and verb, BUT keep the sentence SIMPLE.


“Vocab, 1/31.”

  1. ______
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______
  5. It would be _____ of a dishwasher to tell the master chef  how to do things.
  6. All her emotions were released in a ___ moment on the stage as 20,000 people cheered.
  7. Much of the agriculture in the rest of the world is made up of _____(ence) farms, that barely grow enough food for the family working on it.
  8. MacGyver could ____ together almost anything from a bomb to a hang-glider from bits of trash he found lying around.
  9. The athlete was ___ about the use of steroids. He knew they were harmful, but they helped his performance.
  10. After the long siege, the city knew it was ____ to resist any longer…
  11. …and they finally _____(ed) to the stronger army.
  12. Though he came from a very religious family, he was still _____ about organized religion; he wasn’t sure what to think.


120 Seconds!

Vladek in his own words, p111.

Vladek Quiz. ID. (8)

  1. Srodula
  2. bunker
  3. (2) Last page of “Prisoner on the Hell Planet, panel 3, the woman.
  4. (2) p109, panel 4, the man talking.
  5. (2) p115, panel 3, the person with his arms crossed.