Tuesday, 2/28: Husker Du, Vocab, Giver, Interview

Spot-checking KBARR: Let’s spin the Wheel of Decision to see who reads responses aloud!

“Warm Up, 2/28. Period One. Test 18.

  1. We climbed slowly up the very steep hill. a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  2. After I ate a doughnut, I felt rapturous.  a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  3. Maybe the mall where the store was charged a high rent.  a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  4. A clause is a group of words that contains a _____ and a _____.  a) noun/conjunction  b) subject/noun  c) predicate/verb  d) subject/verb  e) NOTA
  5. Why did Vladek’s father always try to keep him and his brothers out of the army? a) He hated the Polish army. b) He sympathized with the Nazis. c) Because of his father’s experience with the Russian army. d) He was against war in general. e) NOTA

“Warm Up, 2/28. Period Two. Test 6.

  1. The adventurer’s ____(s) made for a great novel.  a) sullen  b) smolder  c) exploit  d) siege e) circumvent
  2. The dress code forbids ____ clothing.  a) considerable  b) sufficient  c) valid   d) ambiguous  e) skimpy
  3. With a sword in one hand and a shield in the the other.   a) Fragment  b) Run-On  c) Complete Sentence
  4. Herds of fiendish llamas called dooms roam the empty countryside.   a) Fragment  b) Run-On  c) Complete Sentence
  5. In The Outsiders, the scene in the burning church would be considered part of the _____ of the story.   a) climax  b) inciting action  c) exposition  d) rising action  e) NOTA

“Warm Up, 2/28. Period Three. Test 5.

  1. Cheerios : ___ :: #25489 : ___  a) serial/cereal  b) cereal/cerial  c) cerial/serial  d) cereal/serial
  2. most important : ___ :: administrator : ___  a) princapal/princaple  b) principal/principle  c) principle/principal  d) principal/principal
  3. I did not want to be ___(ed); I felt I was savvy enough to make my own decisions.  a) reluctant  b) discreet  c) reluctant  d) vain  e) patronize
  4. S. E. Hinton says that she didn’t have the ____ to be a teacher.  a) patronize  b) elicit  c) hysterical  d) stamina  e) mimic
  5. The part where he tastes the Green Eggs and Ham. _____  a) exposition  b) inciting incident  c) rising action  d) climax  e) NOTA

“Warm Up, 2/28. Period Six. Test 19.

  1. inspiring : daunting :: stable : ______ a) pacified  b) volatile  c) skinflint  d) pragmatic  e) NOTA
  2. They tried to _____ the angry mob by telling them their concerns would be addressed.  a) aspire  b) saw  c) volatile  d) pacify  e) NOTA
  3. After the llama chased Julia inside, she watched TV.  a) simple sentence  b) fragment  c) complex sentence
  4. The llama is a quadruped with a beak for eating and fins for swimming.  a) simple sentence  b) fragment  c) complex sentence
  5. Across the street from his house was a tepee.  a) simple sentence  b) fragment  c) complex sentence

“Vocab, 2/28.”
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  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. Wow, that’s _____.
  6. If you search more systematically, instead of so ____(ly), you will be more likely to find whatever you’re looking for.
  7. During the summer, without something to do, some kids can get very _____ and end up not doing much of anything.
  8. After she fell, she got up and tested her leg _____(ly) to see if it would support her weight.
  9. She was always very _____ about her work. That’s why she got A’s.
  10. Many rappers “sing” the praises of “bling” and _____ consumption.
  11. The  _____ student copied his essay from the internet.


Dah Givah Book Check and Q/A.

“Dah Givah ch. 1 and 2.”  Write the answer. Open book. NOT collaborative.

  1. (quote) What mistake in language did Asher make?
  2. (quote) How does Jonas feel about his upcoming ceremony of 12?
  3. (2) What are the only two times being released is not a punishment?
  4. Why does everyone know that Lily’s comment about keeping Gabriel has to be a joke?
  5. What rule did Jonas’s father break?
  6. What rule gets broken all the time?
  7. What happens at the ceremony of 12?
  8. How is that decision made?
  9. We are in the ______ of the story.  a) exposition  b) rising action  c) inciting incident  d) falling action  e) NOTA
  10. Nature and wildlife are an important part of the community.  a) True  b) False


Read? Or work on interviews?

Monday, 2/27: Copy Homework, SAWs, Debrief Test #24, Interviews, Wheel of Doom!

Copy homework into assignment book.

Book assignments.

“SAWs, 2/27.” ONCE Each!
candidate, campaign, ethics, issue, display
rightandwrongdecisions (1) Maglev-manufacturer-strange-new-creative-product-display-maglev-drinks-mixed-batchstatements-main cartoon_mags 121106074633-obama-biden-instagram-tablet-large


Spin the Wheel of Doom to see from whence this week’s warm ups will come.

“Warm Up, 2/27.” Period 1. Test 18.

  1. He failed the test after he ignored the warning.   a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  2. The llama is a quadruped with fins for swimming.   a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  3. Since Jenni ate the hot dog, she got sick.   a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  4. True/False   Dependent clauses usually begin with words such as and, but, or.
  5. When you use a dependent clause as a sentence, that mistake is called a(n) ____.   a) independent clause  b) run-on  c) fragment  d) phrase  e) NOTA

“Warm Up, 2/27.” Period 2. Test 6.

  1. The thief __(ed) the alarm system, and was able to steal the jewels.  a) defunct  b) smolder  c) sullen  d) siege e) circumvent
  2. My mom said my argument was not ______(ly) ______…  a) impact/valid  b) potential/sufficient  c) demonstrate/considerable  d) sufficient/valid  e) sufficient/skimpy
  3. The large farm owners are often accused of ____(ing) the workers who pick the crops.   a) siege  b) circumvent  c) sullen  d) reminisce  e) exploit
  4. There are shells all over the beach, let’s collect some!   a) Fragment  b) Run-On  c) Complete Sentence
  5. he ______ is usually the longest part of the story and full of ups and downs. This is where we build up the anticipation… a) climax  b) inciting action  c) exposition  d) rising action  e) climax

“Warm Up, 2/27.” Period 3. Test 5.

  1. belongs to them : ___ :: location : ___  a) their/they’re  b) there/their  c) their/there  d) they’re/there
  2. Every time Dr. Pavlov rang a bell, he _______(ed) a response from the dog, who thought he was going to be fed. a) reluctant  b) vain  c) mimic  d) elicit  e) patronize
  3. nonchalant : hysterical ::  gossipy : _____  a) patronize  b) discrete  c) discreet  d) dumbfounded  e) reluctant
  4. I love that story, I have read it three times.  a) Fragment  b) Run-On  c) Complete Sentence
  5. Which quote best relates to “Richard Cory”?  a) “I was wrong.”  b) “…some of us watch the sunset too.”  c) “I can’t stand fights.”  d) “Things are rough all over.”  e) “I know better now.”

“Warm Up, 2/27.” Period 6. Test 19.

  1. It was hard to believe that such a huge voice emanated from such a _______ girl.  a) diminutive  b) dilemma  c) aspire  d) daunt  e) NOTA
  2. She faced a _______ about turning in her friend for cheating.  a) pacifying  b) daunting  c) diminutive  d) pragmatic  e) NOTA
  3. Jill drove the car out to the llama’s house in the country.   a) simple sentence  b) fragment  c) complex sentence
  4. You would like it if you were a bird.   a) simple sentence  b) fragment  c) complex sentence
  5. Why is Vladek’s brother-in-law Wolfe not too worried about the way things are for them now?  a) He has a plan for escape.  b) He doesn’t believe the stories of the camps.  c) He thinks the war will be over soon.  d) He has plenty of money.  e) NOTA


Debrief Test #24. OMG, really?

Work on Interview.

Create a Google Doc First! We will print it and copy it to your blog on Thursday!  

Friday, 2/24: Paperwork, Vocab Relay, Mental Floss, Test #24

Prep Sheet for Test #24:
INTERVIEW SHTUFF: ___/20   (20 for OK!  15 for Follow Up. 0 for nada.)
Vocab H/W: ___/20
Vocab Practice: ___/11   (Only Wednesday.)
KBARR: ___/30
Other Extra Credit: +1 or +2 for Commas (2x)

Mental Floss.

  1. Susan needed to go to the store to buy some ingredients to cook with. She started writing them down: butter, milk, eggs, duct tape, cashews, toilet paper, oranges, vinegar, lemon juice…     What was Susan making?
  2. Why can’t a man marry his brother’s wife’s mother-in-law? (Assume she’s not dead.)
  3. How many numbers between 1 and 799 can be divided by 2? (Alert: Math!)
  4. What color is represented by this “word”  BRLEUDE
  5. Wacky Wordy:   CLOU__ __
  6. The first word in each pair begins with “qu.” The second word is the first word with the “qu” missing. Go!
    a) stop doing – that thing  b) peculiar behavior – annoy  c) unit of liquid measure – product of creativity 


Test #24

Doodle Theme:


Thursday, 2/23: Commas, Vocab + Relay, INTERVIEWS!

Tomorrow’s Test: Commas, Vocab, Vladek, Husker Du.

Finish Vladek’s story.

“Vocab, 2/23.”
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  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. _____
  6. After he missed the tying field goal, the kicker was _____.
  7. When the little girl gets tired, she gets ____, and pouts about everything. (Not dejected.)
  8. Mr. Coward’s student assistant is not happy about Jhonny’s less than _____ papers. They are very difficult to decipher, and scores might get entered incorrectly.
  9. The light in the room didn’t seem to come from any one source; it just sort of ______(ed)  the walls, casting a soft glow.
  10. It is taking us awhile to ______ the concepts of compound and complex sentences.
  11. (2) When your sadness is _____(ed), your soul has found ___. (Awww.)


Vocab Relay!

Go get a Chromie! Begin Writing  Biographical Sketch. The final draft is due next Thursday, 3/2.

NOT PREPARED TODAY? Do extra credit vocab sentences in your notebook…except they aren’t extra credit. Due tomorrow.

Create a Google Doc First! We will print it and copy it to your blog on Thursday!  

Wednesday, 2/22: Commas, Vocab, Vladek

“Commas, 2/22!”

  1. If you don’t already know today we’re going to learn to cut and paste kids!
  2. Lloyd the llama author of a best-selling book and renowned rocket scientist was awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for Poetry.
  3. The llama that she rode to the wedding looked very pretty.
  4. The llama jerky was soft but satisfying.
  5. Because the llama missed the bus he was late for his very important appointment.
  6. Please no smoking food or beverages in the classroom!
  7. Most of the time travelers worry about their luggage getting lost.
  8. I played video games for hours with my friend the llama.
  9. Sid waited for the llama to arrive so he could get a ride in his hot new Camaro.
  10. commas


“Vocab, 2/22.”

  1. ______
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______
  5. ______
  6. The man finally ______(ed) his intense thirst with a drink from the fountain.
  7. The smell of brownies _____ the house and made me very hungry.
  8. The goal of immigrants used to be _____(ion), but these days people are proud of their differences.
  9. With more than 24,000 locations, Subway sandwich places are _____.
  10. (2) Whenever she was _____, she always seemed to find _____ in her music.