Wednesday, 2/1: Clauses, Vocab, 120? Vladek

“Clauses, 2/1.” 1-5: S,CD,CX? 6-8: Answer not letter.

  1. When Zoltan lost his wallet, even the llama helped him look for it.
  2. As part of his occupation, Ziggy had a llama with a leather jacket that anyone could see was fake.
  3. Since Zinny didn’t want to embarrass the llama, she didn’t act affectionate.
  4. Zora’s doctor recommended buying a goat and going water-skiing.
  5. It seemed essential to eat broccoli, but Zeke watched tv instead.
  6. Words like  although, because, since, and if at the beginning of a clause make that clause _____.  a) dependent  b) independent  c) a sentence  d) compound  e) NOTA
  7. And if a sentence has that kind of clause in it, it’s a _______ sentence.  a) S  b) CD  c) CX
  8. So sentences that begin with the word if will always be ______.  a) S  b) CD  c) CX

“Vocab, 2/1.”  (Bonus for #5: S/CD/CX?)
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  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. *There used to be a TV show called The ____ Gourmet which showed you how to eat well without spending a lot of money.
  6. Art Spiegelman once published magazines of ____ comics like “The Prisoner on the Hell Planet.”
  7. The diplomats rushed to ______ together a treaty before everyone changed his mind.
  8. Horror movies are sort of ________ for many people.
  9. “I never knew a person more _____ than myself. The fact that I say that shows what I say is true.”
  10. Artie says Richieu’s picture on the wall of his parents’ room was a sort of _____ to him, implying that Richieu would have been a better son than he is.
  11. (2) She tried to stay awake during math, but it was ______, and she finally ______(ed) to the sleepiness and nodded off.

120 Seconds (in some classes).

Correct Vladek Quiz from yesterday.

Vladek aloud. Upcoming questions:

  1. What happened to the guy who turned Vladek’s family into the Gestapo?
  2. What saved Vladek’s life on p120?
  3. Besides Haskell, who else did Vladek call a kombinator?  ___________
  4. Who paid Vladek to give him advice? _____________
  5. What happens to Pesach?
  6. Why are the roads on p127 shaped like a swastika?
  7. (quote) Why is Artie worried about portraying Vladek as he really is?
  8. (quote) What frustrates Mala so much about Vladek?
  9. (quote) Why is Anja’s tail showing on page 138?