Giver Projects due! Chromies! SRI. Click: Click the blue RI icon on the lower left. Follow the directions. Make a note of your score. The last time we did this was 12/5. With any luck, we should have improved. Right? Finished? Work on your Giver Book v Movie blog post which is due Tuesday. Do… Read More

ELA Research Common Assessment, Day Three. If you are finished, make sure your name is on it, and then print it and put it in the basket. Your Chromie should remember the printer from last time, but if you don’t see a printer with D5 in the name, use the link below to add the… Read More

Please be prepared to take notes, either using a GDoc or old school paper. Please remember you will have three class periods to read and take notes on the sources and write the essay. You will write the essay in a GDoc AND print it when you are finished. Please click the following link for… Read More

Copy homework into planner. Giver Project due Friday. “SAWs, 3/37.” — Once each for the pix, once each for the sentences. aspect, retain,  relevant, affirmative, discriminate        6. Their religion affects almost every ______of their lives. 7. He is old enough to _______right from wrong. 8. A landlord may _____ part of your deposit if you break the lease. 9. The… Read More