Thursday, 4/13: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #30

Prep Sheet for Test #30.


Mental Floss. (Some Reruns!)  Use back of sheet.

  1. Figure out what the animals are! (Example: a dull person  = boar.) Write the ANIMAL!
    a) first you get a parking ticket, then you get this   b) hair-control foam    c) to run away or escape
  2. Wacky Wordie:  PinnAcLeS  (Pinnacles are mountain peaks.)
  3. You have 27 marbles. You have 4 cups. Put an odd number of marbles in each cup.
  4. Imagine you are in a sinking rowboat surrounded by sharks. How would you survive?
  5. Inside each set of the following words, there are a pair of smaller words. By putting & between them, lo & behold, you’ll make a familiar phrase. For example,  Skyrocket/Trolleyman conceals Rock & Roll.
    a) Surprised/Trashiness   b) Delaware/Bordering    c) Thundershower/Intellectual
  6. A magazine competition invited people to come up with “invented” inventions of the cyber-age. For example, a solar powered clothes drier (a rope) and a hand-held word processor (a pencil). Can you guess what this one is?
    It is a portable arcade. A hand-held amusement resource with no cartridges or batteries or electricity needed. Access games of speed, dexterity, memory, and cunning. Produce magical effects or construct lofty towers. Some games can increase your income.


Test #30.