Monday, 5/1: Copy Homework, SAWs, Debrief Test 31, Tom Sawyer

Copy homework into assignment book.

Book Pitch starts Thursday!

“SAWs, 5/1.”
inequity, resources, adequate, illustrate, disproportionate

6. (2) The campers did not have _____ ______ to survive in the wilderness, so they had to come home.
7. He used several examples to _______ his point.
8. Historically there is a(n) ______ between the wages paid to men and to women for the same job.
9. The world’s wealth is distributed very _____(ly), with the wealth of the richest 1% equal to that of the other 99% combined.


Debrief Test #31.
Bonus Question fo’ +1: I was wrong on the test (#34); we do have a plot going because we already have a conflict going.
What is our first conflict? _____ vs _____.


Tom Sawyer… Our second inciting incident! Chapter 9.