Tuesday, 5/2: Husker Du, Vocab, Tom Sawyer

“Husker Du, 5/2.”
noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition, interjection, conjunction

  1. The “Mr. Morton” of the sentence.
  2. Is always in a phrase that ends with a noun.
  3. Answers the questions when, where, or how.
  4. Answers the questions which one, what kind, how many.
  5. A connecting word that joins words, phrases, or clauses.
  6. An example is the word yours.
  7. Always separated from the rest of the sentence by punctuation.
  8. Can be turned into an adverb by adding -ly.
  9. Has a past, present, and future.
  10. Describes adjectives and adverbs.
  11. A word that relates one word in the sentence to another.
  12. An article is also this.
  13. What Mr. Morton does.


“Vocab, 5/2.”


  1. _____ (not miscreant)
  2. _____ (not miscreant)
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. Kendra’s huge earrings were too _______ for the low-key funeral.
  6. “For plainly this ______ had sold himself to Satan and it would be fatal” to mess with him.
  7. The homeless are sometimes the ______(s) of today’s society.
  8. While Aunt Polly’s back was turned, Tom _______(ed) a doughnut.
  9. By definition, God is ________.
  10. pariah : idol :: bottom : ______
  11. The sloppiness of the projects was _______ to the teacher.
  12. (2) Depending on whom you talked to, the speech was either _____ or _____(ing).


“Tom Sawyer Quiz, 5/2.” (7p)

(7) Label a-g with the appropriate names from p66-67.