Monday, 5/8 (22): Copy Homework, SAWs, Debrief Test #32 (OMG!)

Open House is Thursday evening!

Copy homework into planner.

Book Pitches continue tomorrow!

“SAWs, 5/8.”– Each twice.
embryo, paralyzed, theory, investigate, obtain

  1. The movie was so scary we were ______ with fear in our seats.
  2. Since the evidence was ____(ed) illegally, it could not be used in court.
  3. The village did not do much ______(ion) before deciding Muff was the killer.
  4. You can turn this word into an adjective by adding the ending -nic.
  5. Things or parts that are really rare and hard to find are sometimes referred to as being (un)_______(ium).
  6. A ______ is much more proven than a hypothesis.
  7. (2) Some scientists think that using stem cells from ______(s), we might be able to help people who are ______ walk again.
  8. (2) You should ______ and make sure your _____ has enough evidence to support it.

Debrief Test #32. –TOMORROW, after all the absentees finish.
But, OMG! The whole grammar section gets rerun on Friday.


Wheel of DOOM Returns.
“Husker Du, 5/8.” 1-5.

Period One: Test 5

Period Two:


Tom Sawyer Island!