Thursday, 5/11: Vocab + Relay, Book Pitch Redos, Tom Sawyer

Tomorrow’s Test: Grammar Rerun from last week, Husker Du for your class, Vocab, Tom Sawyer.

“Grammar, 5/11.” One last practice, eh!

  1. The main one in a sentence is also known as the predicate.
  2. A word that shows the relationship between two words in the sentence.
  3. Answers the questions how, where, or when.
  4. Answers the questions which one, what kind, how many.
  5. A connecting word that joins words, phrases, or clauses.
  6. A substitute for a noun.
  7. A word of surprise or strong emotion.
  8. Often ends in -ly.
  9. Has a past, present, and future.
  10. Describes adjectives and adverbs.
  11. Never stands alone.
  12. Describes nouns.


“Vocab, 5/11.”

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. The NFL head coach’s position is rather ______. If the team doesn’t do well this season, he might lose his job.
  6. The class discussion was not very lively; the students were rather _______ about the topic.
  7. The boys _____(ed) matter inwardly, thinking about all the possibilities.
  8. doctor : prescribe :: law : ______
  9. Huck’s lifestyle seemed very _______ to the other boys of St. Petersburg.
  10. By definition, a ghost would not be ______.
  11. proscribed : allowed :: apathetic : ______
  12. The stirring event was well ______(ed)” by the townspeople the next day.
  13. (2) A true sports fan is NOT _____ or ______.

  14. BONUS: There is a fine line between being patronizing and being _______.


 Book Pitch Redos!


Tom Sawyer!