Prep sheet for Test #6. (Reload to see the latest version: FROs Homework: ___/15 (include bonus)  KBARR:___/40   Outsiders Quiz: ___/6 Vocabulary Homework:___/20     Vocab___/15  ___/11  ___/11     SC Bonus: +____ Other Extra Credit:   Mental Floss. What can be seen in the middle of March and April that cannot be seen at the beginning or end of either month? What is… Read More

Tomorrow’s Test: Vocab + SAWs, FROs, SC, Outsiders, Husker Du. Checking Pink Sheet: FROs Side 2, Part B. “Vocab, 9/28.” 1.”Don’t blame me! I don’t make the laws, I just _____them!” 2. “What’s a _____, Joey?” “I knew you were going to say that!” 3. It was Ug’s discovery, but it would be____(ed) by others. 4.… Read More

“Vocab, 9/27.” You will use words more than once. 1. ____  2. ____ 3._____ 4.____ 5.  flashback : reveals :: ____ : foreshadows 6. He was a bit ____ after he got hit in the head during the rumble. 7. Two-Bit told Pony about one of his ____(s) while Pony did the dishes. 8. The… Read More

“Vocab, 9/26.” (15) _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ At the family reunion, we sat around ___(ing) about the last reunion. The world traveler’s _____(s) made for an exciting book. The quarterback ____(ed) every weakness in the defense, and threw for 5 touchdowns. “Johnnycake made a kind of a gasp and his eyes were ______(ing)” with… Read More

Copy homework into planner. “SAWs, 9/25.”  extend, radical, crucial, attain, initiative     6. The internet has introduced _____ changes to the ways our society works. 7. There is a possible ______ to make Laguna a 6-8 school. 8. He worked hard until he _____(ed) his goal. 9. Some people want to make _____ changes to the… Read More