Tuesday, 10/31: Vocab Review, RBC, TMA

“Vocabulary Review, 10/31.” If you can’t come up with the correct vocabulary word, fill in the blank with any word that makes sense in the sentence. Even though he may not be “book-smart” he has a lot of ____ about the world. Since I studied, I _____(ed) myself quite well on the test. The paper said that the business […]

Monday, 10/30: Homework, SAWs, Debrief Test #10, TMA

Copy homework into planner. No school Friday; Test #11 is Thursday. No vocab h/w: Test will be a review of the first 5 lists. “SAWs, 10/30.”  range, regulate, circumstances, conception, genetic      (FDA = Food and Drug Administration) 6. We had no cell connection; we were outside the _____ of coverage. 7. Some people are […]

Thursday, 10/26: SS, Vocab + Relay, TMA

“Sentence Scramble, 10/26.” and along out of the parade and gossiped the Old North Road of villagers laughed the village home threw it under her skirt and followed she took something from the crowd into the river   “Vocabulary, 10/26.” (14)      _____ _____ (not sham) _____ ____ (2) Job Applicants’ Coach: “Always remember that the […]

Tuesday, 10/24: SS, Vocab, TMA

“Warm Up 10/24” I saw five _____ in Las Vegas!  a) Elvi  b) Elvis’s  c) Elvis’  d) Elvises  e) NOTA _____ are not allowed…  a) Students  b) Students’  c) Student’s  d) NOTA …in the ___ lounge.  a) teacher’s  b) teachers’  c) teachers’s  d) NOTA “Sentence Scramble, 10/24.” her bread and onion Beetle was too excited to […]