Tuesday, 10/3: Vocab, Sentence Combo, Tell Me a Story, Outsiders

New Seating Chart.

Checking: Definitions.

“Vocab, 10/3.” ALL PICTURES!

“Sentence Combining, 10/3.”

  1. The water came from it.  The water was like liquid ice.  The water tasted funny.  It was water. (Use the word but.) (p69)
  2. I realized something.  These three people appealed to me.  These three people were like heroes.  The heroes were in novels. The novels were ones I read.  (Use the words that and because.)  (p76)


  3. I could remember every detail.  I could remember the whole night.  It had the quality. It was unreal. It was like a dream. (Use the word but and change the word like to the word of.) (p69)


Work on Story Worksheet. Share the story with your new homies.