Wednesday, 12/6: Vocab + SAWs, Research

Checking SMYKs!

“Vocab, 12/6.” (16)

  1. _____ (What subject are Calvin and his dad discussing?)
  2. _____ (He has a pleasant one.)
  3. _____ (The competition, not the tongue.)
  4. _____
  5. The ____ relatives burst into tears at the funeral.
  6. A parent’s job is not just to feed, clothe, and shelter her children, but to ____ them.
  7. The root of this word means “to feel.”
  8. The waiter was _____(ed) for forgetting the customer’s order.
  9. The news that an escaped criminal was loose in my neighborhood was rather ____.
  10. The characters in The Outsiders are so realistic, that we _____(ize) with them and their problems.
  11. The main test for college supposedly measures your _____ for school work.
  12. The roots of this word literally mean “to separate with a stick.”
    paradigm, adapt, gender, comprised, conduct
  13. * (2) _____   14. * (2) _____



Research. You should…

  1. …have two TITLED documents going: Works Cited, Notes
  2. …have at least 2 sources, properly formatted, on the WC document.
  3. …have 4-5 questions organizing your notes doc.
  4. …READ and take A LOT of notes today.
  5. …thinking about your opening anecdote paragraph.
  6. …be looking for your “graphical” elements.
  7. Not like this: