Thursday, 1/11: Mental Floss, SAWS, 120, Vladek

Have a great 4-day weekend! Grades start over next week with the new semester!

Use your own sheet of paper.

Prep sheet for “Test” #18:
Name:                   Date:                               Period:
SAWs: ___/11  Maus Quiz: ___/12  KBARR: ___/30


Mental Floss.

  1. What famous fictional character is represented here?   ants, beetles, termites, rabbit
  2. A man walks into a room, turns around and walks out the same door he went in. When he gets out he is in a different room than when he started. How is this possible?
  3. What number should come next? 144, 121, 100, 81, 64,  _____  (Alert: math.)
  4. Spell the word candy with just 2 letters.
  5. How many F’s (capital or small–no trick here) are in the following sentence? (Alert: Counting.)
    Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years.  


“Test” #18. (17p)
contact, prime, pose, minimum, (un)monitored, anthropomorphic, propaganda

  1. There has been a lot of discussion recently about raising the _____ wage.
  2. The _____ reason is that most people can’t live on so little money.
  3. No matter what anybody tells you, there has never been any _____ with any extra-terrestrials. Other planets are just too far away.
  4. Everybody assumes that any extra-terrestrial life we meet will be _______, but it’s more likely it won’t look anything like us.
  5. The teacher _____ the students’ behavior with a hidden camera.
  6. Hitler’s _____ campaign against Jews included speeches, posters and movies.
  7. To get past the guard, the spy____(ed) as a delivery man.
  8. It was very sad that the young man was killed in the _____ of his life.
  9. Ponyboy was not as _____ as people would think. His oldest brother made sure he always knew what Pony was doing.
  10. Mr. Coward ____(ed) a question almost nobody could answer.
    Maus, chapter 1
  11. Why does Anja try to break the engagement with Vladek?
  12. (quote) What promise to his father does Artie break?
    Maus chapter 2
  13. Why does Vladek threaten to break the engagement with Anja?
  14. (p30) Why are the police drawn as pigs?
  15. (2) When Anja gets _____, the treatment is to take her to a _____.
  16. What is the first foreshadowing Vladek gets of the troubles that are coming?


120 Seconds!