Tuesday, 1/23: Vocab, Clauses, 120 Seconds, Vladek

Checking definitions and 1-1-1 KBARR.

“Vocab/SAWs, 1/23.”


  1. ____. (Bonus: Who is this?)
  2. ____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. The Nuremberg laws _____(ed) the Jews of the right to vote and be citizens.
  6. The Nazi _____ included racial purity.
  7. A heart attack is a(n) ____ sign of an ongoing disease.
  8. His accent was a(n) ____; he wasn’t really from France.
  9. (see #8) He just thought it made him sound _______.
  10. The camp counselors were too ____ in enforcing the rules, so it wasn’t much fun.
  11. I like turtles” is funny because the line is such a(n) _____.
  12. The Queen of England has ____ but no real power.
  13. * Loyalty is a(n) ______ quality of dogs. That’s how they are.
  14. * In today’s society, information is also a _____ that is bought and sold.


“Simple and Compound Sentences.” COPY.

Simple Sentence (S) = I
Compound Sentence (CD)  = I + I, joined by a comma and one of the FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)
Complex Sentence (CX) = I + D or D + I, joined by although, since, because, while, when, if, etc.)

“S/CD/CX, 1/23.”  Write S, CD, or CX for each sentence.

  1. The llama is a quadruped with a beak for eating and fins for swimming.
  2. I like turtles because they are cute.
  3. I sent the llama to the store before the party started.
  4. Katy tried to call me, but my phone was dead.
  5. Across the street from his house was a teepee.
  6. You would like it if you were a bird.
  7. Herbie the llama ate some grass, and it gave him gas.
  8. He failed the test after he ignored the warning.
  9. He forget to practice, yet he still did well.
  10. Since Jenni ate the hot dog, she got sick


120 Seconds.