Thursday, 2/15: Commas, Vocab + Relay, Vladek, Interviews

Tomorrow’s Test: Commas (bring your pink sheet), Vocab, Husker Du Clauses, Vladek

Checking SMYKs.

“Commas, 2/15.”  Insert commas, give reasons. Some need more than one comma for more than one reason.

  1. The wild llama in fact is a vicious predator.
  2. She wanted to tame the wild llama but it was too much for her.
  3. There was a very ancient ancestor to the llama which had giant razor-sharp claws.
  4. If you come to the party please don’t wear white people.
  5. I asked the llama my BFF about the party.
  6. I didn’t know whether he wanted a hamburger chicken or taco salad for lunch.

“Vocab, 2/15.” Write the ANSWER to #12.
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  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. “Are you _____(ing) that I’m a liar?”
  4. We ran out of the ingredients for the recipe, so we had to ______.
  5. The Nuremberg Laws ____(ed) Jews to second-rate status.
  6. Years of work were needed for the CIA agent to _____ himself into the terrorist organization.
  7. After three warnings, Joel was _____(ed) to the “naughty chair.”
  8. The students in the MP are far from _____ when it comes to cleaning up after themselves at break and lunch.  
  9. The annoying kids taunted the dog over the fence until he was _____(ed) enough to jump it. 
  10. Mr. Coward does not ____ the use of phones in class.
  11. Some people think that the Narnia series is a religious  _________, with Aslan the lion representing Christ.
  12. Which one is the allegory?  a) Using animals instead of people in Maus.  b) The early bird gets the worm.  c) “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”  d) He slept like a rock.  e) B and D.  f) All are allegories.  g) None are allegories.

Completed Interview due TOMORROW!
When you have finished (and proofread) your interview essay:

  1. Share your document with me. Make sure you also share with “anybody with a link,” so everyone else can read it too.
  2. Use the little grid my your picture in Chrome and open Google Classroom.
  3. Join this class by using this code: gp2xbt
  4. Click the Plus sign (+).
  5. Give your essay a groovy title and click on the Google docs icon and choose your finished essay.
  6. Go back to your document and print it.  PRINT LINK.
  7. Staple and put into the essay basket.
  8. Congratulate yourself on a job well done.