Monday, 3/19: Homework, SAWs, WoD, Debrief Test #27, Givah

Copy homework into planner. Remember: Giver projects are due Friday!

“SAWs, 3/19.” 
disperse (verb): to spread out; to scatter or send in different directions
catalyze (verb): to cause or make happen more quickly  (catalyst = noun)
segregation (noun): separation based on a certain quality, especially race  (segregate = verb)
reform (noun): change to improve something
injustice (noun): unfairness, especially involving people’s rights



Wheel of Doom.

“Husker Du, 3/19.”

Period One – Test #1: 5,7,14,18,21

Period Two – Test #23: 3,5,6,11,14

Period Three – Test #6: 6,8,12,13,18

Period Five –  Test #19: 3,7,13,19,20


Go over Test #27. Hmmmm.


Dah Givah.

How does movie version of the sledding scene change the story, if at all?