Wednesday, 5/2: Vocab, OG, Tom Sawyer

Checking: SMYKs and TSSQ-13.

“Gamma, 5/2.” (10) Copy the underlined, boldfaced word and tell what part of speech it is.
noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, interjection, conjunction

  1. (2) He bowls really well.
  2. I thought the movie was rather cheesy.
  3. I am sure you know better.
  4. (3) Surely you do not think unicorns are real, do you?
  5. (2) The clock was running a little fast.
  6. The running we did in PE yesterday was easy.


“Vocab, 5/2.” (14)

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. _____
  6. _____
  7. After working so hard, he wanted his reward to be something ______, not just a “Good job!”
  8. He hit a ______ home run. It was at least 500 feet long.
  9. Luck is ______; one day you have it all good, and the next it’s all bad.
  10. He made a(n) _____ effort, and his hard work paid off.
  11. The Taliban ____(ed) television and music. They claim those things are against the laws of Islam.
  12. His grade was in a _____ position; one more bad grade and he would be failin…
  13. (2) …He could not afford to be _____; he had to be _____. (Not wary.)


Tom Sawyer, Chapter 13.

1. Give an example from Chapter 13 of Tom insisting on doing things “the hard way” or “by the book.”
2. Why are the boys’ consciences bothering them at the end of chapter 13?
3. Why does Mark Twain call the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates”? (Last line of Chapter 13.) “Because they are pirates who  ________   ________.”  (Hint: It also might be called ironic. Hint II: See your answer to the previous question.)
4. (5) Draw a map of where the island is, and how the boys got there. Be sure to label it with distances and place names. (p88-91)
5. (4) Translate: “The other pirates envied him this majestic vice, and secretly resolved to aquire it shortly.” (p93) (A vice is a bad habit.)