Wednesday, 9/5: Library Visit, Debrief Test #2, AWs, Voibs?

To the Library. Yes I will ask questions on the test about the library:

  • Hours of Operation?
  • How many books can you have?  How long can you keep them?
  • Features/Services/Organization of the Library?
  • Policy on Personal Electronics? Games on Computers?


Debrief Test #2. Paperwork, People!! Scores!!!! Names!!!!!


“AWs, 9/5.”  (6) You will use each word once.
ambiguous, potential, mature, impact, guideline, status

  1. (2) The city council studied the ____ ____ of the possible new shopping center on the nearby neighborhood.
  2. The ending of the story is rather _____; you’re not sure which choice he made.
  3. Being older doesn’t necessarily make you more emotionally ______.
  4. Corvairs and madras shirts were _____ symbols for the Socs in 1967.
  5. Please follow the _____ for the assignment.


Time? Voibs! (Verbs, that is.)