Monday, 9/24: Homework, SAWs, Debrief Test #5, Outsiders

Copy homework into planner.

“SAWs, 9/24.” Each word is used twice.
complexity (noun) the quality of having many interrelated parts; the quality of not being simple
culture (noun) a way of life; a group of people who share a particular way of life
element (noun) a piece, part, or component
resourceful (adjective) inventive; capable
tradition (noun) a regular practice; a custom that is repeated over time

  1. We used the _____ of surprise for Joe’s birthday party.
  2. It is a ___ to give Santa cookies and milk on Christmas.
  3. _____ people reuse everything they can.
  4. In American _______, we celebrate our independence on July 4.
  5. He couldn’t handle the ___ of the Webster’s crossword because his vocabulary wasn’t strong enough.
  6. As your vocabulary increases, you can read and understand writing of greater ______.
  7. (2) Much of what makes up a ______ are its _____(s).
  8. Because he was ____, he was able to survive until he was found.
  9. There are several _____(s) that help make up a good essay.


Go over Test #5.

The Outsiders!