Wednesday, 10/24: Vocab, Proofreading and TMA

Why is the title of today’s post incorrect?




“Vocab, 10/24.”
Mona-Lisa-2Signpost with the words Help, Support, Advice, Guidance and Assistance on the direction arrows, against a bright blue cloudy sky.blankface

  1. What a(n) ______(ing) smile!
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. “I’m not paranoid! I’m _____ about being apprehended!”
  5. While Mr. Buffy was in training, he took several different vitamin ______(s). (You’ll have to change the form of the word.)
  6. The principal had to ____ through all the conflicting stories to get at the truth.
  7. The fan ____(ed) her way into the sold-out concert by flirting with the security guard.
  8. I was ____ when I saw the 5/10 rating from the guest teacher! (Not apprehensive.)
  9. People get cosmetic surgery because they think it will _____ their appearance.
  10. Since 1967, cigarette smoking has ___(ed)  to its lowest rate ever.
  11. As a rule, grandparents respond to _____(ing) more than parents do.
  12. *______     13. *_____   14.*_____


“Proofreading, 10/24.” (+7 possible)

     Another good song on the album “Death Metal Guys.”  They sing about how crazy these guys are, and how they have lot’s of tattoos. The best part about it is it’s a country song, I like country songs. There are also songs about ventriloquists, llamas, and the Dalai Lama. As you can see, this band is pretty funny.

    The album has a lot of songs, but some are as short as a minute. One thing I don’t like about it. I wish the songs were longer sometimes. Still, I think this album is worth your time and money because it is funny, it rocks, and you get many songs for the price. You’d be a boon shopper if you bought this album. Now I’m going to put my headphones on listen to some Love Baby Kiss Doll.


“TMA, 10/24.”

  1. Why had Magister Reese been watching Alyce?
  2. (2) Why does Magister Reese teach Purr to read instead of teaching Alyce? (You need to justify two things!)