Tuesday, 10/30: Vocab Review, Proofreading, Product Labels, TMA

“Vocab Review, 10/30.” I hope your notebook is organized! The dates for your definitions should match these!

  1. (8/20) Even though he may not be “book-smart” he has a lot of _____ about the world.
  2. (8/20) Some people might have called him weird, but he preferred to be called a (non-)_____(ist).
  3. (8/20) For Esteban, the word dropout had the ____of a delinquent who breaks windows and graffitis and such.
  4. (8/27) At the party, he stood ______ off to the side of the room, quietly watching the festivities.
  5. (8/27) It was rather _______ that her dog was run over by an Animal Rescue vehicle.
  6. (9/10) Moisture and heat help create an environment _____ to the growth of bacteria
  7. (9/10) I was _____ when Dad blamed me for breaking the lamp instead of my sister. 
  8. (9/17) The teacher tried to ___ the correct response from the students by giving hints.
  9. (9/17) I did not want to be ___(ed); I felt I was savvy enough to make my own decisions.
  10. (9/24) The thief __(ed) the alarm system, and was able to steal the jewels.
  11. (9/24) The large farm owners are often accused of ____(ing) the workers who pick the crops.

“Proofreading, 10/30.”  (9p)
a) fragment b) run on c) apostrophe or plural error d) word misuse e) no mistake

23) Yesterday, I downloaded from iTunes the album My Love is Like a Cheese it’s by the band Love Baby Kiss Doll.   24) I thought I’d like it a lot. And I did.  25) Everybody’s phone or music player should have this album on it.   26) If you’re going to buy only one album this year, it should be this one.  27) Especially if you’re into space country music and stuff like that.
28) Although there are many compelling songs, my favorite song on the album is called “Take the Skinheads Bowling.”  29) It’s a very wistful song about the good ‘ol days bowling with punk rock dudes.   30) Do you remember those days? I wouldn’t think that you would.   31)  This song also has an abundance of rocking guitars and a defunct section featuring JayZ.

Correct RBC — Product Information. (7p)

“RBC Quiz #1.” (7p) Write the answer, not the letter.

  1. The medicine is labeled for use in all these cases, except…  a) flu.  b) common cold  c) aches and pains  d) headache  e) It is labeled for all these.
  2. For up to how many days can this medicine be taken for a headache?  a) 1  b) 3  c) 10  d) 14  e) It doesn’t say.
  3. This is an OTC drug, as opposed to a prescription one. What does OTC mean? 
  4. This drug can be used to reduce swelling.  a) True  b) False
  5. Who should not take the tablets at all?
  6. Since this is an OTC drug, it can be considered completely safe.  a) True  b) False
  7. As it is used on the label, what does the word Indications [A] mean?