Wednesday, 10/31: Vocab Review, RBC – Bus, Proofreading, Alyce

Tomorrow’s Test: Vocab Review, RBC – Weather, Alyce, HUSKER DU?! Bring your RBC Packet; you will need it for the test.

“Vocab, 10/31.”

  1. Most religions promise eternal _____ in something like Heaven. (1)
  2. It was very (in)____ to cheat on a test and then brag. (4)
  3. Ponyboy was very ____ after Johnny cut his hair.  (5)
  4. flashback : reveals :: _____ : foreshadows  (5)
  5. The Socs are the ____ social class in 1967 Tulsa.  (2)
  6. Even though I was nervous, I tried to act cool and ______.  (1)
  7. “You’re hungry?” he said _____(ly), “I’m the one who hasn’t eaten all day!”  (3)
  8. Every time Mr. Coward played the beat, he _____(ed) a response from the class, who thought someone was coming through the door. (4)
  9. Even after I read the poem three times, the meaning still ______(ed) me. (2)
  10. My parents were a little _____ about the crowd I was hanging out with. (3)
  11. Pony was _____ when he thought of what life was like when his parents were alive. (3)



VOCAB RELAY! I picked 10 words!


“RBC Quiz #2, 10/31.”  Write the answer, not the letter. (7p +7p for squiggle = 14p possible.)

  1. What did you answer for #1?  a) Grand  b) Delaware  c) Lincoln  d) Lawrence  e) NOTA / I didn’t answer this question.
  2. What did you answer for #2? a) weekday  b) weekend  c) holiday  d) I didn’t answer this question.
  3. What is the fourth stop on the route?
  4. What did you answer for #4?  a) 9:20  b) 9:52  c) 9:22  d) 8:57  e) NOTA / I didn’t answer this question.
  5. What did you circle for question #5?  a) A  b) B  c) C  d) D  e) I didn’t circle anything.
  6. About how many hours of the day does this schedule show? a) 5  b) 7 1/2  c) 12  d) 17  e) You can’t tell.
  7. If you wanted to travel from Memorial Hospital to Lawrence Station on this line, and you catch the 8:14 bus, what time will you arrive at Lawrence Station?  a) 8:14  b) 8:25  c) 7:55  d) 8:28  e) You can’t tell.


“Proofreading, 10/31.”
a) fragment b) run on c) apostrophe or plural error d) word misuse e) no mistake

23) Yesterday, I downloaded from iTunes the album My Love is Like a Cheese it’s by the band Love Baby Kiss Doll.   24) I thought I’d like it a lot; I did.  25) Everybody’s phone or music player should have this album on it.   26) Are you going to buy only one album this year? It should be this one.  27) You’re into space country music and stuff like that, you will especially like this.
28) Although there are many compelling songs, my favorite song on the album is called “Take the Skinheads Bowling.”  29) Its a very wistful song about missing the good ol’ days bowling with punk rock dudes.   30) Do you remember those days? I would’nt think that you would.   31)  This song also has an abundance of rocking guitars and a section featuring JayZ that really enhances the whole thing.


ALYCE – to the end!

  • Alyce has three good options in Chapter 17; but instead of choosing one of these, she decides to return to the village.
    -What are her three options?  -Why does she decide to return to the village instead?
  • Initially, Jane Sharp would not allow Alyce to be her apprentice again. Why?
  • Did Alyce find what she was looking for from life?
  • What do you think the main theme of the book is?
  • Read the dedication. What does it mean?

-What might Alyce think about living here today and going to 7th Grade classes at Laguna?