Tuesday, 1/8: Vocab, Vladek, Research

“Vocab, 1/9.” * = SAW.


  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. Some people think that the Narnia series is a religious  _________, with Aslan the lion representing Christ.
  5. The old photographs were all ______(ed) to the attic because nobody looked at them any more.
  6. He tried to _____ himself into the “cool crowd” by hanging around them A LOT.
  7. Some people see boxing as legally ______(ed) violence.
  8. This word’s roots mean “to bend/lean inward.” ______
  9. Now that he had found religion, the former criminal wanted to earn ______ for the things he had done.
  10. I didn’t like his ____(ion) that I wasn’t good enough to make the team.
  11. (2) He fooled his pursuers with a _____ trick that he ______(ed) on the spot.
  12. * (2) Health ____(s) cheered when San Luis became the first city in America to ___ smoking in restaurants.


VLADEK. And Here My Troubles Began…


Research! Chromie up!  Last 15-20 minutes.

  1. Start a Google Doc with the title “Works Cited.”
  2. Copy and paste the urls of your sources into this doc.

  1. Start another Google Doc and title it “Notes for _____.”
  2. Find your five questions about your topic and put them on your notes sheet to organize your notes.
  3. Start reading and note-taking!


TAKING NOTES! (Thanks to Scholastic.com for the help on this one.)

All, are, part of a, that includes, and

What do you think this sentence is about? What? You don’t know?


living things, food cycle, producers, consumers, decomposers

What do you think this sentence is about?

The first group is comprised of CONNECTOR WORDS. They connect ideas and INFORMATION WORDS like the ones in the second set.


All – living things  are – part of a – food cycle – that includes – producers – consumers –  and – decomposers.

Your notes should be all about the information words.


  • Look for font changes and titles and such. These probably signal something important.
  • Make sure you record your sources on your works cited doc and be sure to note which sources your notes are coming from.

By the end of the period tomorrow, you should have two Google docs:

Works Cited.

  1. Source #1
  2. Source #2
  3. etc.
Notes for SWAT Officer.
What is a SWAT officer?What training…?Etc.

Final Requirements for Research Paper.

  • Approximately 1000-1200 words.
  • 3+ sources w/ properly formatted Works Cited.
  • 3+ graphs, charts, maps, etc. These should help explain, not just decorate.
  • In-text citations.
  • Introductory anecdote.
  • Evident organization. (By question, by sub-topic, etc.)
  • Proper mechanics.