Wednesday, 1/9: Vocab, Vladek, Research

“Vocab, 1/9.” Write the ANSWER to #10. * = SAW.

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. We ran out of the ingredients for the recipe, so we had to ______.
  5. Years of work were needed for the CIA agent to _____ himself into the terrorist organization.
  6. After three warnings, Joel was _____(ed) to the “naughty chair.”
  7. The students in the MP are far from _____ when it comes to cleaning up after themselves at break and lunch.  
  8. The annoying kids taunted the dog over the fence until he was _____(ed) enough to jump it. 
  9. Mr. Coward does not ____ the use of phones in class.
  10. Which one is the allegory?  a) Using animals instead of people in Maus.  b) The early bird gets the worm.  c) “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”  d) He slept like a rock.  e) B and D.  f) All are allegories.  g) None are allegories.
  11. * _____ to my instructions on the test, he wrote the letter, not the answer, and so he received no credit.


“Vladek, 1/9.”

Find a QUOTE on p176 that answers this question:
Why does Artie say it’s so hard to tell Vladek’s story in comic form?

Read Aloud.


Research. You should…

  1. …have 2 documents going: Works Cited, Notes.
  2. …have at least 2 source urls on your Works Cited doc. We will format these tomorrow.
  3. …have 3-5 questions organizing your notes.
  4. …have at least 10 bullet point notes THAT HELP ANSWER those questions organized correctly.
  5. …READ and take  notes today.
  6. …be looking for your “graphical” elements.
  7. Not like this:


More like this: