Tuesday, 1/15: SAWs, A Bit of Vladek, Research

“SAWs, 1/15.” initiative, acknowledge, incorporate, incidence, phenomenon, priority, intervention, suspend

  1. The teacher said to ____at least five vocab words in the essay.
  2. The environmental protesters’ _______ has managed…
  3. …to get construction of the pipeline temporarily _______(ed).
  4. Even as more attention is drawn to “cancer awareness,” the actual ______ of cancer has been declining since 1992.
  5. Part of being a good citizen is _______(ing) that there are differences between people, and that is ok.
  6. Californians voted on quite a few ________(s) which claimed to try to fix various issues in our state.
  7. The antenna was just a long wire _____(ed) between two poles.

“Vladek, 1/15.”  Read only page 201. Answer the following questions as best you can. You may use your Chromebook to look up words.

  1. “It was a critical…success.” What does he mean?
  2. “It was a …commercial success.” What does he mean?
  3. Why do you think he shows himself at his drawing board atop a pile of Nazi victims? (Note the view out the window.)

RESEARCH!   Today, you should…

  • have your opening paragraph finished!
  • be at least 3/4 finished with notes.
  • have at least 3 sources on your Works Cited.
  • be looking for 2+ (note new number) graphic elements for your paper. (NOT decorative pix!)
  • start to write the section of your paper which you have the most notes for.

Be sure to credit the source for each fact!
… according to _____ of _____, the usual treatment for…
The Asthma Fact Sheet from the American Medical Association lists the three main symptoms…
The World Health Organization says…
…in the article, “All About Diabetes,” Jimmy Sugar explains that…
(“Pie Baking”)
(Smith 61)

Research Requirements Review:

  • Due EOP Thursday.
  • Approximately 1000 words.
  • 3+ sources w/ properly formatted Works Cited.
  • 2+ graphs, charts, maps, etc. These should help explain, not just decorate.
  • In-text citations.
  • Introductory anecdote.
  • Evident organization. (By question, by sub-topic, etc.)
  • Proper mechanics.