Wednesday, 1/16: RESEARCH!!!!!!!

RESEARCH!   It’s due at the EOP tomorrow! So… By the end of today, you should:

  • have your opening paragraph finished!
  • be finished with notes.
  • have at least 3 sources on your Works Cited doc.
  • have at least one of your graphics.
  • have most of one section written.

Be sure to credit the source for each fact!
… according to _____ of _____, the usual treatment for…
The Asthma Fact Sheet from the American Medical Association lists the three main symptoms…
The World Health Organization says…
…in the article, “All About Diabetes,” Jimmy Sugar explains that…
(“Pie Baking”)
(Smith 61)

Research Requirements Review:

  • Due EOP Thursday.
  • Approximately 1000+ words.
  • 3+ sources w/ properly formatted Works Cited.
  • 2+ graphs, charts, maps, etc. These should help explain, not just decorate.
  • In-text citations.
  • Introductory anecdote.
  • Section titles.
  • Proper mechanics.