Thursday, 1/17: Last Day of the Semester, Research!

Attention Students and Guest Teacher.

Mr. Coward has jury duty today! Please be on your best behavior for the guest teacher, who will rate each class 1-10 for work ethic and cooperation. As you know, any class that scores less than 8 will be subject to penalties upon my return. Classes that earn 10’s will be rewarded. The guest teacher will make a note of anyone who is a pain, and those people will face my wrath on Tuesday.

Try to finish your research writing today. Sometime during the period, please SHARE your document with me:

DO NOT PRINT! We will take care of last minute details, printing and suchlike on Tuesday. If you are not completely finished today, PLEASE DO NOT WORK ON IT AT HOME! You will get the period on Tuesday to finish up!

I will explain the brief conclusion on Tuesday.

Work for the entire period today. If your Chromie is at less than 50% power, please plug it in.

IF you think your paper is COMPLETELY FINISHED AND PROOFREAD, you may play unblocked games. NO YOUTUBE or videos.

Have a great four-day weekend! See you on Tuesday!