Thursday, 1/24: Husker Du II, Sentence Combo, Vladek

Tomorrow’s Test: Husker Du (including Sentence Combo), Vladek.

“Husker Du II, 1/24.”

  1. This song also has an abundant of rocking guitars and a rap section featuring JayZ.  a) fragment    b) run on    c) apostrophe or plural error    d) word misuse    e) no mistake
  2. it: a) first person b) second person c) third person  d) fourth person
  3. “Why don’t you get a job?”   asked Steve.  “What?” Two-Bit was _______ “And ruin my rep?”  a) apprehensive  b) benevolent  c) nondescript  d) aghast  e) enhanced  f) intrigued
  4. The real reason Alyce leaves the village is that she…   a) doesn’t like delivering babies.  b) can’t express what she’s feeling.  c) can’t help the midwife any more. d) can’t take the midwife’s treatment of her any more.  e) can’t take the insults she knows she’s going to get.  f) NOTA
  5. The medication seems effective, _____, more research must be done to see if it’s safe.   a) therefore  b) furthermore  c) nevertheless  d) so  e) consequently  f) NOTA
  6. Many of the the company’s factory workers have been ____(ed) by industrial robots. a) regime  b) diminish  c) displace  d) stable  e) estimate  f) taunt  g) tantalize  h) NOTA
  7. That embarrassing moment when you realize that your llama just wrote a run on sentence.  a) Fragment  b) Run On  c) Correct Sentence
  8. compelling : boring :: scarce : _____  a) diligent  b) diffident  c) dire  d) heedless  e) abundant  f) cordial  g) NOTA
  9. The ____ softball team mascot is a llama.  (More than one.)  a) women’s  b) woman’s  c) womens’s  d) NOTA
  10. I got all ____ on my report card.  a) A’s  b) As  c) ‘A’s  d) NOTA
  11. _____ llama is that?  a) whose  b) who’se  c) who’s  d) NOTA
  12. Which word best captures the Soc’s attitude toward the greasers?  ______  a) disdain  b) adversary  c) perceive  d) engrossed  e) banish  f) aplomb  g) NOTA
  13. Dally getting hauled in for the murder he didn’t do is an example of irony.  a) True  b) False
FANBOYS (Compound)
  • for
  • and
  • nor
  • but
  • or
  • yet
  • so
Dependent Clause Starters (Complex)
  • although
  • unless
  • because
  • if
  • when
  • though
  • even though
  • since
  • though
  • as
  • until
Phrase Starters (NOT CLAUSES)
  • with
  • in
  • on
  • by
  • between
  • like
  • over
  • at
  • from
  • for
  • during
  • like

“Sentence Combo, 1/24.” Combine the sentences into the type of sentence asked for.

  1. The llama usually got seasick. He lived on a houseboat. (Complex)
  2. A girl rode her unicycle. Down the street is where she went. She had a llama-shaped balloon. (SIMPLE! Use the chart above!)
  3. She likes pizza. The llama prefers salmon burgers. (Compound)
  4. BONUS: The llama ate broccoli.  The llama didn’t get sick. The llama was able to meet Taylor Swift. (Compound-Complex! Use a dependent clause AND one of the FANBOYS AND a comma.)


Vladek! On tomorrow’s test:

  1. How does Pavel try to show Artie what Auschwitz felt like?  
  2. What makes Art shrink down again on p207?
  3. What’s a barrack (aka a block)?
  4. Why does the tin shop foreman, Yidl, dislike Vladek? 
  5. What does Vladek do to change Yidl’s opinion?
  6. What was Appel?
  7. Who helps Vladek establish and maintain contact with Anja?
  8. What was a Selektion?