Tuesday, 1/29: Vocab, Interview Update, Vladek

“Vocab, 1/29.”

  1. ______
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______
  5. ______
  6. The man finally ______(ed) his intense thirst with a drink from the fountain.
  7. The smell of brownies _____ the house and made me very hungry.
  8. The goal of immigrants used to be _____(ion), but these days people are proud of their differences.
  9. With more than 42,000 locations worldwide, Subway Sandwich places are _____.
  10. Mr. Coward is not happy about Jhonny’s less than _____ papers. They are very difficult to decipher, and scores might get entered incorrectly.
  11. (2) Whenever she was _____, she always seemed to find _____ in her music.


Interview Update.

Each question should be “followed up” with another question based on the previous answer.
Write down answers to questions. (direct quotes, summaries, notes on attitude, etc.)
Note the setting of the interview. (place, time, surroundings, what you’re doing…)
Describe the interviewee. (physical, voice, relationship to you, attitude, background, hobbies…)


“Vladek, 1/29.” Quiz! Open book.

  1. (quote) On p219, when Felix is worried about being “taken,” how does Vladek try to calm him?
  2. What incident showed how much Anja’s fellow prisoners liked her?
  3. On p228, how does Art Spiegelman SHOW Vladek’s uncertainty about how long he worked on Black Work?
  4. On p230, Vladek says, “If I saw a couple months before how it was all arranged here, only one time I could see it!” Explain what he means.
  5. On p233, Artie asks Vladek an important question. Quote one of Vladek’s answers.”
  6. Why might Art Spiegelman have included the scene on p234? In other words, what might he want us to think about?

Chapter 3.