Wednesday, 2/6: Old Glory, Vocab, Dah Givah

“Old Glory” Quiz. Collaborative. Characters: Donald, Gran-Da, Dad, Mom, SOS men.

  1. On the surface, who are we initially supposed to think is the protagonist (hero) of the story?
  2. If we dig deeper, who is REALLY the protagonist?
  3. Conflict #1: ____ v _____
  4. Conflict #2: ____ v _____
  5. What right did the SOS law take away?
  6. Why did Gran-Da try to burn the flag?
  7. Why did Donald turn him in?
  8. What/Who does Uncle represent?
  9. Explain the last line: “What kind of world would that be?”
  10.  (BONUS) What do you think the main message of the story is?


“Vocab, 2/6.”  tentative, infringe, reprieve, benign, profound, indolent, relinquish, exasperate, (in)conspicuous, (un)scrupulous, haphazard
63CA2-indolencetelephone-wires-2003528 grasshaircut

  1. _____ Cartoon of student napping in his desk .
  2. _____ A telephone pole with literally hundreds of cables connected to it. They look very tangled.
  3. _____ That guy cutting his lawn one blade at a time again.
  4. Some thought that the new law would _____ upon their right to protest, and they protested that.
  5. I  tried to be as ____ as possible as I passed the note in class, but Mr. Coward still caught me.
  6. Solar power is more ______ to the environment than coal or oil.
  7. It had been raining so much that we ____(ly) planned the picnic for Saturday, but we also made other plans just in case.
  8. The _____ lawyer took advantage of the old man.
  9. “Wealth is ______, but poverty hides.”
  10. After he lost the battle, the king had to ____ the throne to the winner.
  11. Which vocab word can sometimes be used like the SAW dramatic?
  12. * The word cool still means good, even in ____ slang. (frivolous, exploit, contemporary, abandon, dramatic)


The Giver. Pick some 1-1-1’s to read! Yep, NIGHTLY!

The Giver, chapter 1.” (5)

  1. What mistake in language did Asher make? (Use the words.)
  2. (quote) How does Jonas feel about his upcoming ceremony of 12?
  3. (2) What are the only two times being released is not a punishment?
  4. Why does everyone know that Lily’s comment about keeping Gabriel has to be a joke?

Continue aloud. Do your 1-1-1 for chapter 2 now.
If we finish chapter 2… No reading tonight! Get your interview stuff together for tomorrow!