Wednesday, 2/20: S/CD/CX, Giver

“Husker Du, 2/20.” Write the ANSWER, not the letter.

  1. While the llama is a quadruped, he also has fins for swimming.  a) Fragment  b) Run on  c) Correct Sentence
  2. In the beginning, there was nothing but llamas. a) Fragment  b) Run on  c) Correct Sentence
  3. That moment is embarrassing when you realize that your llama just wrote a run on sentence.  a) Fragment  b) Run on  c) Correct Sentence
  4. You can beat the llama’s score you will be part of the elite llama squad.  a) Fragment  b) Run on  c) Correct Sentence
  5. _____ llama was selected for the fair.  a) Charles’  b) Charles’s  c) Charle’s   d) NOTA
  6. The _____ lounge is usually off-limits to students. (More than one.)  a) teacher’s  b) teachers  c) teachers’s  d) teachers’  e) NOTA
  7. _____ llama is that?  a) whose  b) who’se  c) who’s  d) NOTA
  8. John ate and ate, _____, he never gained weight.   a) even so  b) furthermore  c) so  d) therefore  e) consequently  f) NOTA
  9. Joe ate too fast. _______, he had a stomach ache.  a) Nevertheless  b) Furthermore  c) Meanwhile  d) Still  e) As a result   f) NOTA
  10. We have three ____ in our class.  a) Morris’s  b) Morris’  c) Morrises  d) NOTA

“S/CD/CX, 2/20.” (6)

  • Write three sentences about your interview process and/or person. Make one a simple sentence, make one a compound sentence, and make one a complex sentence. Be sure to label which is which. (S, CD, CX)


Giver 7-8, 2/20.” Write the answer, not the letter. Only #10 is collaborative.

  1. When parents want to show special affection for a child, they call him/her by number instead of name.  a) True  b) False
  2. What does the Chief Elder say about the future Twelves’ differences in her speech? a) Nothing; it’s considered rude to mention differences.  b) The differences have determined their futures.  c) The differences have stood out more than in previous groups.  d) The differences still need to become sameness.  e) NOTA
  3. Why did the Chief Elder make a joke about chastising Asher’s old teacher?
  4. Why was Asher punished as a Three?  a) He was rude.  b) He didn’t pay attention.  c) He literally asked for it.  d) He failed several tests.  e) NOTA
  5. The most honored job in the community is the Receiver of Memory.  a) True   b) False
  6. Which of the following attributes does the Chief Elder say Jonas does not yet possess, but will?  a) Intelligence.   b) Integrity.   c) Courage.   d) Wisdom.   e) She says he has them all.
  7. (Quote) What attribute is the Chief Elder unable to describe because she does not understand it?
  8. Why is the Chief Elder unable to prepare Jonas for the pain he will experience?
  9. What makes Jonas feel a “tiny sliver of sureness for the first time”?  a) He is not afraid.   b). He has already experienced pain.   c) The crowd changed like the apple.   d) The Chief Elder has confidence in him.    e) NOTA

  10. Explain what the Chief Elder means when she says, “playfulness and patience could, with maturity, be revealed as foolishness and indolence.”

What if nobody could lie, ever? Discuss and report back.  Benefits? Downsides? Dealbreakers?  Why?


Dah Givah aloud.