Wednesday, 3/20: Husker Du, Vocab, EMen

The Real Mars.

Husker Du, 3/20, Period One, Test #10.

Husker Du, 3/20, Period Two, Test #20.

Husker Du, 3/20, Period Five, Test #22.

Husker Du, 3/20, Period Six, Test #20.


“Vocab, 3/20.”

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. I am not exactly _____ to helping you out of this mess, since it was your own fault.
  6. It was hard for Pony to understand the ____(ing) that Socs had for greasers.
  7. The helpful student picked up the trash with _____ after being asked to help out.
  8. He was ____(ed) to do all his homework before he watched any tv.
  9. He is a rather ____ liar; he tells so many lies, you can never tell which of his stories is true.
  10. obvious : subtle :: bogus : _______
  11. His mom tried to be very _____(ful) as she questioned him, trying to trick him into admitting he cheated.
  12. bold : audacious :: patronizing : ______

“The Earth Men.”





Mars Facts and Pics

    • Average temperature on Mars is about  -67, Martian surface temperatures range widely from as little as -207 at the winter pole to almost 80 on the day side during summer.
    • A Martian year is  686.98 days.
    • The pressure is only 1% of Earth’s. Almost no atmosphere.
    • Mars has permanent ice caps at both poles composed mostly of solid carbon dioxide (“dry ice”).
    • Pics and facts courtesy of