Thursday, 3/28: Argumentative Essay, Day 3

Remember the assignment:

Write an essay explaining your belief about the following question:
Do helicopter parents harm or help their children?

Be sure to use evidence from the texts, as well as your own knowledge, to support and develop your thinking.  Remember that this is an argumentative essay, so be sure to address opposing arguments and points of view. Support your position by incorporating evidence from the provided research.



  • Finish the rough draft.
  • Spellcheck and reread the rough draft to catch run-ons and fragments.
  • Make sure you used paragraphs!
  • Highlight the counterclaim and their evidence in red.
  • Highlight your rebuttal and evidence in green.
  • Give it a groovy title that sums up your thesis.
  • Make sure you put that title in the title box AND at the top of the document.
  • SHARE with me. DO NOT PRINT.

  • Get a MadLib and quietly have fun. Doodle your results on the back!