Thursday, 5/2: Spelling, Vocab + Relay, Tom Sawyer

Assembly Schedule (3rd period). 45 minute periods.

Tomorrow’s Test: Spelling (like today’s practice), Vocab + SAWs (mostly like yesterday), Tom Sawyer.

“Spelling, 5/2.” Write the correct pair. NOT THE LETTER; THE WORDS! NOT COLLABORATIVE!

  1. group/center   a) corpse/core  b) core/corpse  c) corps/corp  d) corps/core
  2. nugget/rank   a) cernel/kernel  b) colonel/kernel  c) kernel/kernal d) kernel/colonel
  3. hero/inactive   a) idole/idol  b) idel/idol  c) idle/idol  d) idol/idle
  4. Cheerios/#25489   a) serial/cereal  b) cereal/cerial  c) cerial/serial  d) cereal/serial
  5. most important/administrator   a) princapal/princaple  b) principal/principle  c) principle/principal  d) principal/principal
  6. who is/who owns    a) whose/who’s  b) who’s/whose  c) who’se/who’s  d) who’s/whos’
  7. it is/it owns   a) it’s/its  b) its’/its  c) it’s/its’
  8. belongs to them/location   a) their/they’re  b) there/their  c) their/there  d) they’re/there

Yesterday’s Spelling Bee Results:

  1. Period 1: 4 mistakes. (87% accuracy) +3
  2. Period 6: 5 mistakes. (67% accuracy)
  3. Period 2: 8 mistakes. (65% accuracy)
  4. Period 5: 11 mistakes. (63% accuracy)

“Vocab, 5/2.” diverge/converge, marked, incognito, tedious, exacting, folly, vindictive, auspicious, novice, abstain, distinct, attribute, multicultural, facilitate, economic

  1. The economy was strong; it was a(n) _____time to open a new business.
  2. Sometimes the work is _____, but it is important and it still needs to be finished. (Not exacting.)
  3. He was a _____ in the kitchen, so his first recipe didn’t come out very tasty.
  4. After their divorce, he became _____(ly) more bitter and mean. (Not vindictive.)
  5. Tom Sawyer’s pranks are simply youthful _______.
  6. During the period before Easter, you are supposed to ____ from something you enjoy.
  7. Draw a picture of two lines converging and then diverging. (What shape does it make?)
  8. * In a debate, the moderator’s role is to _____ the discussion by asking appropriate questions.


Tom Sawyer. (8p) You may write the CAPITAL letter.

  1. How did the boys get back from the island?
  2. “It ain’t much — a cat does that much.” Does what? a) care. b) eat. c) dream. d) play. e) all of the above.
  3. “There must ‘a’ been an angel there.” a) Aunt Polly, about Tom’s dream. b) Aunt Polly, about how an angel must have kept Tom safe. c) Sid, about Tom’s dream.  d) The minister, about the boys’ adventure.  e) NOTA.
  4. What makes Tom feel like the “guiltiest of villains”? a) Fooling the whole town. b) Getting hugged by Aunt Polly. c) When Sid doesn’t believe him. d) Stealing all the stuff they took to the island. e) NOTA.
  5. Why does Tom think he can do without Becky now? a) He likes Amy Lawrence better anyway. b) He was so popular now after his return. c) He’s tired of her being so fickle. d) He’s found someone new. e) NOTA.
  6. Which one of these is NOT Alfred Temple? a) The boy Becky tries to make Tom jealous with. b) The kid Tom beat up in Chapter 1. c) Becky’s previous boyfriend. d) The boy Becky says this to: “Go away and leave me alone, can’t you? I hate you!” e) He is all of these.
  7. Why does Becky dump Alfred? a) Because he’s boring. b) Because he’s mean. c) Because he’s too nice. d) Because Tom hates him. e) NOTA.
  8. What makes Aunt Polly forgive Tom for lying about his “dream”?

Chapter 20. Tom is “noble”!