Friday, 5/3: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #31

Prep sheet for Test #31:
Spelling Warm Ups: ___/7  ___/7  ___/7   ___/8     Spelling Sentences: ___/10     TS Quizzes: ___/6  ___/5  ___/8
Vocab h/w: ___20    Vocab Practice: ___/12  ___/12   ___/8
Other Extra Credit: SAWs? ____  pun?____  homophones/vain?____


Mental Floss.

  1. If you multiply together the number of fingers on one person’s right hand with another person’s with another person’s until you get the product of the fingers on the right hands of everyone in the world, what is the most likely product? For instance, one person has 5 fingers, and his friend has 5 fingers. The product is 25. Another person with 5 fingers would make the product 125. This goes on until everyone’s finger number is multiplied. What’s the answer? Estimate what the final product would be. ( Current world population is about 6.8 billion. Alert: MATH )
  2. Each sentence below contains a word whose letters can be rearranged to answer or describe the sentence.
    • a) Bit of brush.
    • b) Opposite of unite.
    • c) Craft that might tip in the ocean.
  3. There was a man who fell over 50 stories, without anything to slow his descent, and landed without any injuries, alive. How did he survive?
  4. Figure out what the animals are! (Example: a dull person  = boar.) Write the ANIMAL!
    a) first you get a parking ticket, then your car gets ____   b) hair-control foam    c) to run away or escape
  5. You have 27 marbles. You have 4 cups. You must put an odd number of marbles in each cup. How?


Test #31. Doodle Theme: Transportation.