Tuesday, 5/7: Spelling, Vocab, Tom Sawyer

Checking definitions.

“Spelling/Roots, 5/7.” Roots correction: frac/frag = to break

  1. “cut things” = _____
  2. “beneath judge person” = ____
  3. “together pile up thing” = _____
  4. “into cut thing” = _____
  5. “into mark thing” = _____

“Vocabulary, 5/7.”

  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. When Tom testified at the trial, the audience was “______ in the ghastly fascination of the tale.”
  6. Tom and Joe _______(ed) out to the playground, and casually lit up their pipes.
  7. Although there was a lot of ______, nobody actually knew what happened.
  8. Poofy hair and big shoulder pads were in _____ for women in the mid ’80s.
  9. The court jester performed for the_____(ication) of the king.
  10. The shoes were new, so the leather was not very ____ yet.
  11. Some groups of people are preparing for the end of the world, because they think the end is _____.
  12. The hurricane _____(ed) destruction on the poor island.
  13. The sub didn’t have much control over the class, and there was quite a(n) ____ when the principal walked in.
  14. When the boys came back from “the dead,” Aunt Polly ____(ly) hugged and kissed Tom, and then embarrassed Huck by doing the same to him.


Tom Sawyer Quiz. You may write the capital letter.

  1. Which of these quotes comes from the scene in Picture 1?  a) “Why, Tom Sawyer, we wouldn’t be alive two days that got found out.”  b) “Thomas Sawyer, where were you on the seventeenth of June, about the hour of midnight?”  c) “I reckon he’s a goner.”  d) “Little hands, and weak–but they’ve helped Muff Potter a power…”  e) NOTA
  2. “Little hands, and weak–but they’ve helped Muff Potter a power, and they’d help him more if they could.” (p151) Why is this ironic?
  3. Which of these did the prosecution NOT use as evidence that Muff did it?  a) The fact that the knife was Muff’s.  b) Muff’s guilty behavior at the scene.  c) Muff washing up in the creek.  d) Injun Joe’s eyewitness account.  e) They used them all.
  4. At the beginning of the trial, what was Muff’s lawyer’s strategy for defending him? 
  5. “Tom was out late that night and came to bed through the window.” (p151)  Where did he go? 
  6. Who is the one with a club in Picture 2?

Tom Sawyer: Buried Treasure!