Wednesday, 5/8: Spelling + Bee, Vocab + Relay, Tom Sawyer

Tomorrow’s Test: What? Already? Spelling, Vocabulary, Tom Sawyer

“Spelling, 5/8.” (8) For 1-4, write the wrong one correctly or write “all correct” if they are.

  1. a) scissers  b) fragile  c) congestion  d) all correct
  2. a) digestion  b) infraction  c) insision d) all correct
  3. a) insignia  b) critique  c) hypocrit d) all correct
  4. a) decisive  b) designate,  c) criticism d) all correct
  5. “breakable” = _____
  6. “Cut away ish” =_____
  7. (2) “judgement” = _____

Spelling Bee. All words so far are included! Highest percent accuracy = Winner! 75% accuracy to receive extra credit.

“Vocabulary, 5/8.” gratify, cacophony, wreak, rapt, effusive, nigh, saunter, conjecture, vogue, pliable

  1. Tom went behind the limestone “waterfall” in order to use his candle to light it up to _____ Becky.
  2. A zero ____(s) much more damage on your grade than just an F.
  3. Young brains are very ____ and can be easily influenced.
  4. The end of the school year is ____; please don’t give up now.
  5. After Cherry told Dally to get lost, he just smiled and ____(ed) away.
  6. Batman’s butler Alfred is not a very _____ person. He is always very calm and reserved.
  7. In Tom’s day, the _____ was to wear shoes with the toes curled up.
  8. There was much _____ in Tom’s school about what was in the Master’s mysterious book.
  9. With dozens of little kids playing and screaming, the birthday party was rather _____(ous).
  10. The boys were ____ as Tom explained his marvelous plan.
  11. The roots of this word mean “foldable.”
  12. The roots of this word mean “jumbled sound.”
  13. The roots of this word mean “together throw thing.”
  14. The roots of this word mean “to pour out.”

Vocab Relay. True/False Stylie.

  1. Cacophony would be rather calming to most people.
  2. Wreak is usually used in a negative way.
  3. If were in a hurry, you would saunter.
  4. Transfixed and rapt are similar in meaning.
  5. If it is Wednesday, Thursday is nigh.
  6. The top of your desk is pliable.
  7. Alyce (Beetle) was very effusive with her emotions.
  8. The root of the word conjecture means “to throw.”
  9. Vaping is very vogue right now.
  10. Most people would be gratified to win the lottery.
  11. There will probably be cacophony at the end of the last day of school.
  12. A’s wreak destruction on your grade.
  13. People usually get effusive at things like weddings and funerals.
  14. Most people would be rapt watching someone saunter.
  15. Gymnasts’ bodies must be pliable.

Tom Sawyer Quiz. (6)

  1. (slang) “slathers” = “a raft” (p158) a) True.  b) False.
  2. (slang) “comb a body” =  smother you with love  (p160)  a) True.  b) False.
  3. (dialect) “shadder”  = shatter or break  (p161)  a) True.  b) False.
  4. (slang) “tackle” = attempt (p163)  a) True.  b) False.
  5. If the lawyer promised not to reveal Huck’s name, why is Huck still worried about Injun Joe? 
  6. The picture was included with chapter 24. Of whom is it a picture?