Friday, 5/10 (18): SCRABBLE Training!

Scrabble Practice Round.

  • Each person draws a letter. The letter closest to A goes first. (Blank beats A.)
  • Draw continues clockwise (to the left) after that.
  • If no one volunteers, the person with the letter farthest from A is scorekeeper.
  • Put those letters back and draw seven (7) each.
  • Keep a running total, like this (don’t write what’s in the parentheses):


Jimmy (First Player)
17 (first turn)
6  (second turn)
23 (total so far)
14 (third turn)
37 (total so far)
Johnny (Second Player)


  • First player must put the word down with a letter on the Star (2x word)  in the middle.
  • Left to right, top to bottom; not diagonal, not bottom to top!
  • Suggestion: no more than 2 minutes per person.
  • NO! NO! NO!
    • NO abbreviations or contractions
    • NO foreign words
    • NO proper nouns (nouns you would normally capitalize)
  • Check the dictionary.

Multiplier squares are one use only! Once they’re covered up, they’re used up!

Extra credit for anyone who breaks 75.
Extra points in the game for use of vocabulary words or SAWs: Add 3 points to the value of the word.