Monday, 5/20: Guest Teacher, SAWs, Homework, Tom Sawyer

Here’s the plan:

  1. Copy homework
    –Tom Sawyer = Read each night. Quiz Daily. Come prepared to ask questions about stuff you don’t understand.
    -Monday night: Chapter 27-28
    -Tuesday night: Chapter TBA
    -Wednesday night: Chapter TBA
    -Thursday night: Chapter  TBA
    Vocabulary due Tuesday and Wednesday.
  2. Do SAWs. Each used twice. Yes, I know there are a lot of multiples. We will correct and discuss tomorrow!
  3. Do your vocab. Use a Chromie to go to Learner’s Dictionary.
  4. Start reading Tom Sawyer.
  5. If you need to work on SBAC, Mr. Schalde will deal with you.



“SAWs, 5/20.”
conserve (verb) to protect from loss
renewable (adjective) able to be replaced
invest (verb) to put money or resources toward something, expecting a future benefit
proceed (verb) to move forward
maximize (verb) to increase to the greatest possible amount