Tuesday, 5/21 (11): YEE #1, Vocabulary, Tom Sawyer

YEE #1.

  • You MUST earn 100% to pass.
  • Follow directions EXACTLY!
  • Don’t panic; you get 10 shots at it. (Yes, the same questions.)


“Vocabulary, 5/21.” Each vocab word once, including wax and wane.
imperishable, wax/wane, clamor, grisly, forsake, rollicking, jaded, convey, oppressive, throng
*conserve, *renewable, *invest, *maximize, *proceed

  1. The house was made of almost _____ stone. It would be there for many, many years.
  2. There was such a huge _____ when the rock star showed up that the old woman put in her earplugs.
  3. The ____ scene in the graveyard horrified the village.
  4. After she had lied to everyone, her friends had ______(n) her.
  5. The light _____(ed) brighter and brighter until it blinded us.
  6. Some say that too much video game violence can lead you to be ____ about real life violence.
  7. Words sometimes cannot ______ our true feelings.
  8. The teacher was so strict, and there were so many rules in that classroom, the atmosphere was _____.
  9. Enthusiasm for the new fad quickly ____(ed), and something else took people’s attention.
  10. (2) There were ___(s) of people at the huge stadium concert, and it was a ____, fun-loving crowd.
  11. * (3) Today, more and more people are _____(ing) in _______ energy sources, so that we can ____ our natural resources.



Tom Sawyer, Chapter 28. Temperance  means  not  drinking alcohol.

  1. (2) Name the two people in the picture.
  2. How did the one with the lantern get in?
  3. Why is it ironic that there are whisky bottles everywhere?
  4. What’s the boys’ plan at the end of chapter 28?