Wednesday, 5/22: YEE #2, Vocabulary, Tom Sawyer

YEE #2! (Yee Haw!) Remember: the first four answers are EXACTLY THE SAME as yesterday’s!

“Vocabulary, 5/22.”

  1. Injun Joe has ______ plans for revenge on the Widow Douglas.
  2. The origin of this word is a slang mixup of the words romp and frolic. _____
  3. Tom felt lonely and _____(n) after Becky dumped him, and Aunt Polly punished him for something he didn’t do.
  4. The boys didn’t say anything, but their looks and gestures _____(ed) a lot.
  5. The origin of this word is the Old English word for lessen.
  6. The workload in the “accelerated” class was so ______ that many dropped out.
  7. In parades and such, the pope is _______(ed) in a bulletproof Popemobile.
  8. Some people find the heat in the tropics _____. They find it’s too hot for them to do much of anything.
  9. Dally’s childhood on the streets left him angry, street-wise, and _____.
  10. The root of this word means to die.
  11. (2) The _____(ous) ______ of protesters noisily pushed through the barriers.
  12. (2) First the moon ____(s) to being full, and then it starts to _____.


Tom Sawyer Quiz – 29.”

  1. Where do Tom and Becky plan to go after the picnic?
  2. Only a few of the parents went on the picnic with the kids. a) True b) False
  3. Injun Joe wants revenge on the Widow for something she did to him a long time ago. a) True b) False
  4. What is the Welshman’s reaction when Huck knocks on his door to tell him about Injun Joe?
  5. At the end of chapter 29, Huck is shot. a) True b) False


Tom Sawyer, Chapter 30.