Thursday, 5/23: YEE #3, Vocab, Tom Sawyer

I will be on campus, checking in now and then. As you know, the guest teacher will leave a note letting me know how you did in each class and rate you 1-10 for cooperation and respect. I think everybody knows the consequences of a score less than 8.

Tomorrow’s Test: Vocab + Tom Sawyer. No Preview Test This Week! D’oh!

YEE #3You get 6 minutes. After trade and grade, GRADERS give possible perfect ones to the guest teacher for me to check tomorrow. Those of you who have completed this obligation may sit smugly and wait patiently. I will have bonus assignments mext time. There aren’t enough of you to warrant a separate thing yet.

“Vocabulary, 5/23.” (COLLABORATIVE!) Once Each. Wax/Wane count as one.



Tom Sawyer Chapter 30 Quiz.” (NOT COLLABORATIVE!) Write enough of the ANSWER, not the letter, to know which choice you made.

  1. Until the Welshman said it, what word(s) had Huck never heard directed at him before? a) thank you  b) welcome  c) help yourself  d) go away  e) you can stay here
  2. What secret does the Welshman keep from everyone? a) What IJ was going to do to the widow.  b) The secret of the money.  c) That Tom and Becky aren’t really in the cave.  d) That Huck was the one who warned the Welshman about IJ.  e) None of the above.
  3. When Huck is talking to the Welshman about Injun Joe, he’s trying very hard not to talk about two things. What are they?  a) The box of money, and that he and Tom know where it is.  b) That the Spaniard is IJ, and that he wants revenge on Tom too.  c) That the Spaniard is IJ, and the box of money he and Tom are tracking.  d) That the Spaniard is IJ, and that IJ knows that Tom and Huck are following him.  e) None of the above.
  4. When/Where/How are Tom and Becky discovered missing?  a) When Becky doesn’t show up at the Harpers’ after the picnic.  b) When Tom doesn’t show up at home, and Sid tells Aunt Polly.  c) When everyone is on the ferry boat, and they count heads to make sure everyone is there.  d) When Mrs. Thatcher asks Mrs. Harper about Becky after church.  e) When Joe Harper shows up at Tom’s house looking for him.
  5. What two signs of Becky and Tom do the searchers find in the cave?  a) Tom’s hat and Becky’s hair ribbon.  b) Becky’s hair ribbon and a torn piece of Tom’s clothing.  c) Their names written on the wall of the cave and Tom’s hat.  d) Their names written on the wall of the cave and Becky’s hair ribbon.  e) A piece of cake, and their names written on the wall of the cave.
  6. At the end of Chapter 30, how long have Tom and Becky been in the cave? a) 1 day  b) 2 days and a night  c) 3 days and nights  d) days and 2 nights  e) It doesn’t say, but we can figure out that it’s about 4 or 5 days.
  7. Why doesn’t Huck know Tom is lost in the cave?  a) He’s hiding from IJ.  b) He’s still following IJ as he and Tom agreed.  c) He’s with the posse chasing IJ and his partner.  d) He left town until IJ is caught.  e) None of the above.


READ CHAPTER 31 aloud until 10 minutes to go! Finish silently. Chapter 31 is the one on the test.

If you finish early, do EXTRA CREDIT VOCAB SENTENCES; it’s your last chance for extra credit.