Tuesday, 5/28 (7): Yee #5, Theme for English B, Tom Sawyer

YEE #5.  Use your own paper. NDP in upper right corner.
Title: YEE #5. Use 4-digit dates for #1 and #2. Copy only the ones that say “Copy.”

  1. First Independence Day (M,D,Y):
  2. Pearl Harbor Day (M,D,Y):
  3. (Copy.) 10% of 30 = _________
  4. (Copy.) 24/30 = ______% = ______(letter grade)
  5. a) ______ books have been sitting b)_______ for a long time; I hope c)______ coming back soon.
  6. Choose one of the sentences below, copy it, and label each word with its part of speech.

Homer tripped very awkwardly, and hit his fat head on the door.

Beetle bravely endured their anger and cruel taunts in silence.

He was a very scary bear, and we beat a hasty retreat from his lair.

“AlternaYEE, 5/28.”

  1. Wacky Wordy:   CLOU__ __
  2. Wacky Wordy:
  3. What do all these have in common?  Pebble, Long, Cocoa, Palm, Myrtle
  4. What do these sets of letters have in common?  Clfrn, Clrd, Hw, Grg, Txs, Lsn   
  5. These SEVEN words are hiding something. What?
    Vermont, statues, Swedish, Arthur, Africa, sensation, misunderstood

Theme for English B” by Langston Hughes.



Last Assignment…

Yours is due next Wednesday, 6/5. The only criteria is… sincerity.

Tom Sawyer, chapter 32.