Monday, 6/3 – Wednesday, 6/5: SCRABBLE Tourney!

Don’t forget about your “True Page” which is due Wednesday.

LET’S PLAY SCRABBLE. This time it’s for real! ($$)

  • Each person draws a letter. The letter closest to A goes first. (Blank beats A.)
  • Draw continues clockwise (to the left) after that.
  • If no one volunteers, the person with the letter farthest from A is scorekeeper.
  • Put those letters back and draw seven (7) each.
  • Keep score like this (don’t write what’s in the parentheses):


Jimmy (First Player)
17 (first turn)
6  (second turn)
23 (total so far)
14 (third turn)
37 (total so far)
Johnny (Second Player)


  • First player must put the word down with a letter on the Star (2x word)  in the middle.
  • Left to right, top to bottom; not diagonal, not bottom to top!
  • Suggestion: no more than 2 minutes per person.
  • NO! NO! NO!
    • NO abbreviations or contractions
    • NO foreign words
    • NO proper nouns (nouns you would normally capitalize)
  • Check the dictionary.

Multiplier squares are one use only!