Friday, 10/4: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #7, Finish Chapter 10

Prep sheet for Test #7:
Apost.: ___/8 ___/8 ___/10 KBAR: ___/40
Vocabulary Homework: ____/20 Vocab Practices: ____/12 ____/13 ___/11
Other Extra Credit: Bonus for Sentences: + ___ (Count every sentence!) Period 6 gets +3 for vocab relay. All other classes get +1.


Mental Floss.

  1. Supply the missing four words to make a famous expression. (No, you don’t get to ask any questions.)
    “Failure ____  ____  ____  ____.”
    Options: a) Success  b) Victory  c) Triumph  d) Accomplishment
  2. In each sentence below, an animal is concealed. For example, the sentence, “What shall I do, Gertrude?” has the word dog concealed. Find the hidden animal in each sentence.
    • a) He used his powers of persuasion to summon key people to the meeting.
    • b) Did I ever tell you, that at camp in the fall, I once found a ten dollar gold piece?
    • c) Asking nutty questions can be most annoying.
  3. A man made up a seven-character password (letters and numbers only) for his e-mail  account, and he wanted to write it down somewhere in case he forgot it. But he didn’t want to write down the actual password, so he wrote this sentence:    “You force Heaven to be empty.”  What was his password?
  4. What number is always found in the middle of the telephone directory?
  5. What famous saying is represented here?
    zain yain xain wain vain uain tain sain rain qain oain nain main lain kain jain iain hain fain eain dain cain bain aain
  6. A pen and a pencil together cost $1.10. The pen costs exactly $1.00 more than the pencil. What does each cost? (Not a trick, just math.)


Test #7.

If you finish early–and you had better finish early–please work on finishing Outsiders, chapter 10, the Big Question, and the chapter 10 Quiz.

If you have already finished those obligations, you may doodle:
Doodle Theme: Incorporate the supplied doodle into your own.


  • When you finish chapter 10: Go see Mr. Coward for the Chapter 10 big question. Return to your desk and thoughtfully answer the question in your notebook under the title: “Why?”
  • Then get a ch10 Quiz from the stack (white) and write the a part of the ANSWER (not the letter) for each question in your notebook. Do not write on the question sheet!