Monday, 10/14: Homework, AW’s, Click and Debrief Test #8, TMA

Copy homework into planner.
KBARR Responding is NEW and DAILY this week! 4×4 = 1+1+1+1 x 1+1+1+1.

  • 1 Summary Sentence= What happened.
  • 1 Reaction Sentence = What you thought and why. (because, since, etc.)
  • 1 Prediction Sentence = What you think will happen next and why. (because, since, etc.)
  • 1 Curiosity Question = What do you just want to know more about just because it seems kinda kewl.


“AWs, 10/14.” I know you’ve already had diminish, but I also know you have the memories of goldfish.

estimate (noun) a rough calculation
regime (noun) a government in power
displace (verb) to force from one’s home or homeland
diminish (verb) to make smaller; to become smaller
stable (adjective) not easily changed

6. (2) There is much debate about whether the United States should use its power to ____ _____(s) in other countries that are cruel to their people, or whether we should stay out of other countries’ problems.
7. Children should be raised in a _____ environment.
8. They don’t know the exact amount, but one ____ is 5 million dollars.
9. The strength of the army was greatly _____(ed) by outbreaks of disease.


Test #8:
Clicker Up: Click in the answers you marked on Friday.   Debrief.   Collect.


TMA. 1-1-1-1 after.